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Returns for Pet Food Experts Credit

Pet Food Experts will provide credit for any errors we make in shipping products you have ordered, for products damaged in transit, and for any shortages, as long as the following procedures are followed:

1. Inspect Upon Delivery
  • Please inspect your order when it arrives for damages, product dates and any discrepancies between your order and the invoice. The driver will take back any product damaged on delivery or overages and will note any shortages or other discrepancies with your order. Adjustments to your invoice will be made by our Customer Care Team upon the driver’s submission of the Driver Return voucher.
2. For issues not detected at time of delivery please notify our Customer Care Team by within 48 hours: customercare@petfoodexperts.com or 800-637-7338, ext 3900.
  • Please note that Items returned due to retailer error are subject to a 15% restocking fee.
  • High Value Items & Frozen Items: All must be checked at time of delivery with the driver and signed for separately on the designated area of the manifest. NO credits will be issued after the delivery check-in.
  • Short-dated Product: We define short-dated product as any product with 90 days or less remaining before the expiration date. If you believe we have shipped short-dated product, we will investigate but will only provide credit if warehouse inventory is similarly short-dated.
  • Infested or Moldy Product: If you believe we have shipped moldy or infested product, we will investigate but will only provide credit if warehouse inventory proves to be similarly moldy or infested.
  • Consumer Returns: Most vendors will authorize Pet Food Experts to credit retailers for products returned by their consumers. Champion, Vital Essentials, Rad Cat, Northwest Naturals and Fromm all have their own Consumer Return Form and requirements that must be fully met and submitted to Pet Food Experts in order to receive credit. Please contact Customer Care if you do not have copies of these forms. Candiae, Dogswell/Nutrisca and Sojos require the UPC from the bag, the consumer information and the reason for the return. These UPCs/Forms must be legible, the store name and account number must be clearly listed on the form.
  • Overstock Returns: While Pet Food Experts suggests slow moving/overstock items should be discounted at the retail level, saleable items may be returned with approval from your Customer Care Representative. Any return in this category will be subject to a 15% restocking fee. Returned products arriving back to us in unsellable condition will not be considered for credit and product will not be sent back.
  • Please report all other consumer returns or quality control issues to Customer Care. An RGA will be created and the product will be picked up at the time of your next delivery. Please contact your vendor rep directly for consumer returns on WellPet (Wellness, Holistic Select, Eagle Pack, Old Mother Hubbard), Merrick and Primal products. Pet Food Experts is not authorized to issue credit without prior approval from vendor reps.
Returns for Manufacturer Credit

Manufacturers will typically provide credit on returns for the reasons below, but a number of them require prior written authorization. Please contact the manufacturer’s sales rep to obtain prior written authorization for:

  • Defective Packaging
  • Infested or Moldy Product
  • Consumer returns
  • Short-dated/Out of Date products
  • Other reasons not listed above
  • Please contact your Inside Sales Representative or the Customer Care Team for more details.
Helpful Steps for Product Returns

We understand that ordering errors may occur and we are here to help. We will take responsibility for correcting ordering errors on our part and urge you to order carefully to avoid the 15% restocking fee.

  • Please call or email the Customer Care Team within 48 hours of delivery to inform them of products you would like to return and why. Your Customer Care representative will determine if Pet Food Expert's policy allows for the return and, if so, will complete a Return Goods Authorization form (RGA). No returns will be accepted without an RGA, except items being returned at the time of order check-in.
  • Please provide the item number and original invoice number to our Customer Care Representative and they will create a detailed RGA to send with the driver at time of your next delivery.
  • Returns must be in resalable condition; free of price tags or writing of any type. All returns must have been purchased from Pet Food Experts. We reserve the right to deny credit for any returns not in resalable condition or not purchased from us and product will not be sent back.
  • Please have products to be returned placed in an open box and ready for the driver to pick up.
  • The driver will review your returned product to ensure that its quantity and description match the RGA. The driver reserves the right to refuse any returns that do not match the RGA. To ensure you receive proper credit, our driver cannot accept returns of any type from previous deliveries without an RGA.
  • Your account will be credited once the returned product has been returned and processed in our warehouse. All returns will be inspected in our warehouse to confirm the return reason and the fitness of the product for resale.
  • In the case of authorized manufacture’s returns, please provide the driver with written authorization forms or Consumer Return Forms as required.

Please click here to download our discrepancy form.

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