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From bright, young minds to seasoned industry vets, we work together to provide remarkable experiences and superior service to help our industry partners grow.

The people who work at PFX are passionate about supporting our customers, vendors, and each other. We’re driven by the idea that the best work is born from diligence, passion and fun.

Pet Food Experts is powered by this incredible team.

Adan Osorio
Alexis Parr
Alisia Medeiros
Allison Bledsoe
Amanda Paquette
Andrea Mullen
Angelo Morales
Anna Carvalho
Anthony Carnevale
Anthony Delgado
Anthony Velez
Antoine Seailles
Armando Machado
Beth Gannites
Brandon Cooke
Brittany Simmons-Mann
Caitlyn Mendonca
Cameron Souza
Carter Ferreira
Cathleen Zukauskas
Cathy Masterangelo
Chance Carter
Chrissy Wzorek
Christina Campbell
Daniel Arruda
Daniel Lavoie
Danielle Woods
Denise Lopes
Deb Theriault
Diosmar Arias
Don Marshall
Eddy Cueto
Eduardo Deangel
Elise Taylor
Emily Benner
Felcia Lambert
Fernando Olivares
Franky DAuria
Gary DeKroon
Heather Chisholm
Hollye Cody
Hope Musser
Jackie Wickman
Jake Chenard
Jason Roy
Jay Mechem
Jeff Maki
Jenna DiDonato
Jen Hamilton
Jeremy Arno
Jessica Almeida
Jessica Lynch
Jessica Mixner
Jessica Munoz
Joao Lopes
Jodie Wilson
Joe Beaugrand
Joe Faria
Joey Chhoeun
Joey Mechem
Jorge Zelada
Jose Salas
Josh Grab
Julio Aquino
Katie Staman
Kc Mutchler
Kelly Duff
Kelly Pye
Kelsey Enos
Kelsey Whitman
Kendra Green
Konrad Leja
Laura VanGyzen
Laurel Rego
Lauren Koch
Lisa Kamp
Lisa Reyes
Luis Perez
Lushi Song
Lyssa LaCount
Makaela Smith
Malcom Harris
Mansur Medina
Maria DeLellis
Marisol Resnick
Mark Maigret
Matt Garstka
Maura Barber
Melissa Cameron
Michelle St. Onge
Mike Grenier
Mike Wec
Mikelle Gross
Mollie Sisson
Nick Benner
Neeyaca Armstrong
Nelson Cardoso
Nicholas Microulis
Niki Marino
Oksana Melnyk
Patrick Lima
Patti Larocque
Paul Kenny
Paul Wytrwal
Paull Durbin
Phanara Chhat
Phylicia Proulx
Rachel Fliger
Rebecca Spunzo
Rebekah Rosand
Rich Williams
Rosa Perez
Ruaa Mahmood
Roberto Sequeira
Russ Lowell
Rusty Hawes
Sam Hedberg
Sarah Daniels
Sara Peirce
Sarah Plants
Shawna Riendeau
Shelley Barata
Stacy Wood
Stefanie Hanley
Stephanie Casey
Stephanie Riendeau
Steven Huertas
Stuart Rodrigues
Susan Vartanian
Teddy Charron
Tom Ek
Tom Holt
Tosha Asker
Yiyi Luna

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We're constantly growing and always looking to add talented, motivated people to our team. If you're interested in joining a team of people who love what they do every day, check out our open positions and become a member of our family.


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