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Our customer experience team services independent pet specialty retailers from Washington State to Maine.

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Our Mission

We’re committed to putting people and relationships at the center of everything we do to support the vitality and longevity of the independent pet community.


To grow and nurture a healthy pet

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We support everyone as though they are part of a family. We build genuine relationships where all are valued and respected — giving everyone the benefit of the doubt.

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How do we live out this value?

By welcoming everyone with open hearts and minds.


We believe everyone matters. Everyone is valued for their individual contributions to our success.

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How do we live out this value?

By making everyone a part of the conversation.


We’re passionately focused on exceeding expectations and honoring our commitments.

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How do we live out this value?

By gaining trust and respect by following through on promises.


We encourage an ongoing, self-motivated pursuit of knowledge.

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How do we live out this value?

By treating each challenge as an opportunity to learn.


We’re modest, empathetic, and open to input from others.

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How do we live out this value?

By thinking big and
acting small.


From humble beginnings in the 1930s to its preeminent name in the industry today, PFX proudly continues its legacy of providing best-in-class service to a growing network of over 6500 independent pet retailers across the U.S.

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